WE are Armory Pickleball.

WE are...

A membership-based community at this time, though we are looking to expand our offerings!

A community for die-hard pickleball players.
Our membership offers unique opportunities to better your game.

Are YOU Armory Pickleball?


  • Currently we are doing yearly memberships and are full, but we may open up to more very soon! Jump on the waitlist below.
  • If you are a guest of a member that is coming to play soon, click on the "Guest of Members" button to sign our Liability waiver and setup and account.

Armory Tournaments

Our next tournament is Oct 27-29 Women's ONLY, sign up now!

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Tournaments page

Raising the bar for Indoor Pickleball in Whatcom County

The official state sport of Washington has a new home in a Whatcom County historic building. We couldn't be MORE Bellingham, Washington.

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  • Community

    We are an affordable indoor, year-round option for the diehard Pickleball Community.

  • Courts

    We offer five top of the line, brand new concrete courts with no weather obstacles!

  • Coaching

    We have coaches & clinics for groups & individuals to help improve your game.

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A Utopian Pickleball Playing Experience

We have worked very hard to redevloping this incredible historic building into a state-of-the-art, die-hard pickleball athlete's dream. Our indoor courts are freshly poured and painted and ready for you to pour your heart and paint your soul into.

We hope to offer all the fun and programs for our members that they can consume, no matter the level of play or experience. You just have to follow the #1 Rule in Pickleball... to have FUN.


Strong Community

We strive to cultivate a strong, independent community of players. We would hope our efforts in building this facility will attract like minded and dedicated persons from all walks of life to share experiences playing and competing in a game we all love to be apart of here in the state where it all started. This is why this Pickleball center came to be. This community is super important to Courtney and Craig, the business owners and how this project was inspired.

Are you Armory Pickleball?

Deep History

We found the perfect building to call our home base. Both of the Armory Pickleball owners, Craig Cooper and Courtney Jenkins went to Western in the 90s and stalked this building and Craig determined this to be the perfect place for his new Pickleball dreams to manifest.

The Armory building has a rich and solid history of being a central point in our community for hosting and protecting those who live here. Click below to learn more about what has taken place between these hallowed walls since we have started echoing the name of Armory Pickleball throughout the vaulted ceilings of this impressive historic structure.

And HERE you can read the Cascadia Daily had to say on the history of this great building.

Armory Building Historic information

Membership Highlights

Level Drop In

Most levels will have 2+ opportunities a day to play, when slots are available.

Ladder rankings and ratings

Official DUPR ladder rankings and level ratings for every member. This helps you know your level and how you fit in with other members and proper prep for Tournament registration.

Court Bookings

Individual court reservations, 7 days in advance. Currently 3 court bookings per member per week based on availability. Courts that are still open 24 hrs in advance and are available, are free and you don't need to use one of your 3.

Coaching & Clinics

Many coaching and skills and drills opportunties will be available to members. Some will be free, some may have coaching/clinic fees.

Leagues & Tournaments

We wil have tournaments (internal and "public") and eventually league play (based on member feedback how often we do these vs. level drop-in).

Guest Passes

Each member will receive 6 guest passes a year that guests can use once invited.

Our Court Sponsors

Onsite Coaches

Check back soon to learn more about our coaches and how you can interact with them at Armory Pickleball.

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Private/Cooperate Events

Armory Pickleball is a place for the community to connect and celebrate togetherness, we can work with you to customize a Pickleball event that hits the mark based on your goals and objectives. If you want to be seen as the smartest event planner around, contact us now to start planning your event. You will not be disappointed!

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