Membership Information

  • Annual Adult Membership
  • Annual Youth Membership (with a paid adult)
  • Annual College Membership (w/ proof of college enrollment) 
  • *Snowbird Split Membership (bring your Fall/Winter splitter or we can help find one for you)
  • *Fall/Winter Split Membership (bring your Snowbird splitter or we can help find one for you)

Joining fee: $120

*AP is offering a limited number of “Snowbird and Fall/Winter-only memberships” which is a membership that allows for splitting of a full-year membership into (2) half years.  There is an administrative fee 

Snowbird Member: Someone who leaves for the Fall/Winter and wants to split a membership with a Fall/Winter member.

Fall/Winter Member: Someone who stays in Bellingham for the Fall/Winter and wants to split a membership with a Snowbird member.

  • To own the membership, upon registration, you will take the lead on the membership and you will own it. This means you pay the initiation and don’t have to go to the waitlist when you leave. 
  • Either a Snowbird or a Fall/Winter may be the lead membership.
  • The splitter will pay the lead member directly for the second half of the membership. 
  • AP will help you connect with splitting folks if you can’t find your own; we will have a waitlist for both.

All AP memberships are paid yearly. 

Joining fee: This initiates your membership and gets you all setup in our systems and keyless entry, etc.  (This is paid up front at membership sign up and only again if you leave AP and then later come back to become a member again).


Joining fee + $900 annual membership

Youth (12-17):

Joining fee + $450 annual membership

*Kids under 12 are free with adult members, but if they are playing on the courts, they need to setup a CourtReserve account to take a time slot and you will sign a waiver for them. Kids 17 and under who are not playing are also free to watch and can come in with an adult member.

College Student:

Joining fee + $600 annual membership (proof of enrollment required)

What you get with your membership

  1. Unlimited level drop in when slots are available (most levels will have 2+ opportunities per day to play)
  2. Ladder and Ranking/Ratings by DUPR
  3. Local Holiday/Themed Armory Pickleball tournaments (some tournaments may have a small admin fee for members to cover costs; community fundraisers, bigger tournaments where we invite players outside the club- sanctioned or non-sanctioned)
  4. A number of court bookings per week: 3 currently. We are starting with 3 and we will see if this needs to be adjusted after getting feedback from members in the first month.
  5. Coaching and clinic opportunities
  6. A Pickleball Community to call home!
  7. Drill wall and warm up/cool down area with stretch poster, foam rollers and special events with healthcare experts 
  8. Paddles, balls, and a variety of pro shop items for sale (AP swag, grips, balls, paddles
  9. daily bagels and coffee available for low-cost purchase, just a convenience for you
  10. Paddle check-out for demo
  11. Access to many Skills and Drills sessions with our “skill and drills hosts” and clinics and sessions with our coaches. (Coaching clinics will likely have a charge though some may be offered to members at no charge).
  12. Each member will receive 6 guest passes a year. Each guest must sign up for a CourtReserve account and book a slot in the reservation system once a member invites them.

More to come (after first couple of months):

  1. Leagues!
  2. Special clinics and events!
  3. Paddle demo days from Reps
  4. Play with the Pros moneyball tourneys
  5. Youth Program and camps during Summer, Winter and Spring break


*AED, filtered water, first aid kit on site

*We will not have showers (but we have 2 gender neutral ADA-compliant bathrooms and a shared locker room to store things).

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